Biogas plant is a clean and affordable energy solution to eliminate energy and agricultural crises in Pakistan. Biogas is a green energy that is appropriate, renewable and sustainable. Organic waste such as animal manure, kitchen waste, agricultural residue and industrial waste can be converted into a bio-fuel called biogas and bio-fertilizer. Biogas can be utilized for cooking, heating, lighting and electricity generation while bio-fertilizer is an organic fertilizer which is considered excellent soil conditioner for agricultural land.

Biogas Benefits
Bio Fertilizer Benefits
Cooking, Heating, Lighting
Bio Fertilizer for Best Agriculture
Electricity with Generator
Earthworm Cultivation

Environmental Benefits
Health Benefits
Reduced Global Warming
Reduction in Flies & Worms
Solid Waste Management
No Lung and Eye Diseases
No Forest Depletion, Reduces Flooding
Smokeless, Odorless & Non-Offensive Gas
Conservation of Nonrenewable Energy Resources
Reduction in Workload on Women
Clean, Blue, Soot-less Flame
Non Poisonous

Economic Benefits
Employment Generation
Rural Development
Industrial Growth
Low cost product
Additional Source of Income with fertilizer
Sustainable Economy

Input = Kitchen Waste OR Animal Waste (cow dung etc.) or 
Agriculture Residue or Industrial Organic Waste (Food, Sugar, Dairy Industry Wastes)
Output = Bio-gas + Organic Bio fertilizer
Each Plant pays back customer within 1-2 years
Life = around 5-10 years (depends on customer maintenance)